23rd of Sivan, 5730
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[June 27, 1970]

Sholom uBrocho:

I was a little disappointed that on coming out to see off your group, (as I usually do standing on the steps outside until the buses disappear from view with the party of visitors, especially your group), and hoping that you would come out, even if you were in the bus, so as to send you off again with “Tzeis'chem l’sholom,” I did not see you. But no doubt “Gam zu 1’tovo,” for it is perhaps more fitting that after a Shovuosdige visit the leave-taking should be at a Chassidishe Farbrengen, as it was indeed this Shabbos, rather than on an ordinary weekday and in the street.

At any rate, there can be no doubt but that your intention was good and my intention was good, so it is to be hoped that each and everyone will have derived the fullest benefit from the visit.

Just received the cable of the safe landing.

May G‑d grant that you should always have good news to report, including also about the transmission of a report of the visit to all who are interested. You will easily guess, of course, that I do not mean a superficial report, but a meaningful one, containing the matters and messages spoken here, and transmitted by words coming from the heart which penetrate the heart, etc.

With best wishes to you and yours,

With blessing,

M. Schneerson