By the Grace of G‑d
21st of Menachem Av, 5724
Brooklyn, N.Y.
[July 30, 1964]

Mr. and Mrs. Zalmon Jaffe

Greeting and Blessing:

Thank you very much for your recent correspondence with the enclosed clippings.

I was gratified to read about the progress in the various communal matters about which you write.

Now I wish to extend my congratulations to Mrs. Jaffe upon her election as President of the Neshei Chabad, and also her various accomplishments about which you write. May G‑d grant, that she should go from strength to strength.

I was particularly gratified to read in your letter that you are beginning to hold services in the new Shul as from Rosh Chodesh Elul, the month of Rachamim, even though in temporary premises for the time being.

Looking forward to continued happy tidings in all the matters about which you write

With blessing,

M. Schneerson

P.S. 28th of Menachem Av.

Just received your letter of Aug. 2nd, with enclosure.