Enclosed is a copy of the cablegram which I trust was received in good time.

Western Union


August 7, 1964
[29 Menachem Av, 5724]

To: Kahal Chasidim
C/o Jaffe
105 Cavendish Rd.
Salford, Lancs (England)

Delightfully received information re[garding] commencement services [in the] temporary premises preparatory to [the] new home, Beis Knesses and Beis Medrash Kahal Chasidim, [on] Shabbos Rosh Chodesh Elul.

Auspiciousness of occasion enhanced by auspicious day inaugurating twice daily Psalm 27, “G‑d is my light and salvation etc. one thing I request etc. my dwelling in G‑d’s house.” Being Beis Knesses and Beis Medrash in golus time.

May G‑d grant fulfillment of this and all prayers of all mispalelim and their families in midst all our people as Psalm concludes, “trust to G‑d,” repeated twice for emphasis and certainty.

With blessing for hatzlocho and shono toivo umsuko.

Menachem Schneerson