Those who reach out to inspire our fellow Jews and bring them closer to Judaism may sometimes feel that they have not succeeded the way they would have liked. They need but think of the mitzvah of burning chametz on erev Passover. The actual mitzvah consists of searching for the chametz, and even if one has not found anything, his blessing was still not in vain.

Among the many accomplishments of reaching out to our fellow Jews — although one may feel that he has not succeeded in his journeys — is the following: Imagine a Jew is sitting in his home looking out the window and sees a young man with a beard running by. He is reminded of his father and how his father taught him to wake up saying the words of the Modeh Ani and recite the Shema prayer prior to retiring at night. And at that very moment he recalls verbally, or at least in thought, the words of these prayers.

The mere fact that a young man with a beard is running around to arouse the hearts of his fellow Jews — this alone surely has a positive effect on the surrounding environment.

Likkutei Sichos, vol. 2, p. 369