I offer my humble gratitude to the One Above for granting me the merit to use His teachings in the hope of inspiring others — and to my Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who continues to inspire me and drive me beyond that which I could ever accomplish on my own.

My warmest thanks go to the entire staff of my publisher, Sichos In English. To my editor, Rochel Chana Schilder, for her unending patience and meticulous editorial assistance, especially for providing continuous insight and encouragement in a complex undertaking. To Rabbi Arel’e Raskin for his erudite expertise, Yosef Yitzchok Turner for his skillful preparation of the manuscript for publication, and Rabbi Yonah Avtzon for his overall coordination and tireless involvement in seeing the final product come to fruition.

To my colleagues in Oak Park, Rabbi Moshe Zaklikofsky and Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Gourarie, for their invaluable assistance. To my chaver, Dr. Baruch Silverstein, for his professional advice in meeting standards of achievement.

To my beloved parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Yerachmiel Polter, whose devotion to their children’s education is a model of commitment to Jewish values. And to my parents-in-law, Rabbi and Mrs. Azriel Schanowicz, whose righteous example of living a Torah lifestyle I value and admire. Lastly, my wife, Rochel, whose binah yeseirah (added measure of wisdom) contributes volumes to our home and family, serving as the support for our family. May Hashem grant us the strength to continue to share and care. Together may we enjoy further nachas from our children, may they live long and healthy years. And to our children, for challenging me in the quest of Torah knowledge. They are the impetus that drives me to search for more meaningful answers.