It says in Ethics of the Fathers (1:12): “Be of the disciples of Aharon... loving the created beings, and bringing them close to the Torah.”

The term “created beings” may seem an archaic or awkward translation of the Hebrew, but its usage is actually intentional and precise. By using “created beings” instead of “people,” the verse implies that Aharon would reach out to individuals whose only redeeming virtue was the fact that they were G‑d’s creations.

The lesson for us is to always remember that one’s quintessential love for another Jew should not be contingent on any exterior quality such as talent, beauty, or intellect. Rather one should accept and love a friend just because of his innate virtue of having been chosen by G‑d to be created. This alone is sufficient reason to love and respect another.

Sichos Kodesh, Acharon Shel Pesach, 5736
Sichos Kodesh, Matos-Masei, 5737