When the Alter Rebbe was eight years old, he wrote a commentary on the Torah. This commentary was a conglomeration of the three commentaries of Rashi, Ibn Ezra, and the Ramban. At the age of ten he had an unusual dream, which began with him sitting in the second room of the shul in Liozna and studying. Suddenly Reb Reuven Baal Shem appeared to him and demanded that he appear for judgment in the shul. When he entered, he saw a group of judges sitting at a table and three prestigious elders standing afar. Then the middle judge motioned for all [the elders] to approach, [after which Reb Reuven Baal Shem escorted the Alter Rebbe to the table].

The judges sat wrapped in their talleisim and the elders were dressed in white clothing. When the elders approached, the judge situated in the middle turned to the Alter Rebbe and said: “These three elders, Rashi, Ibn Ezra, and the Ramban, are calling you to trial. They claim you are depriving them of the merit of sharing their teachings with others through your commentary that includes all three.”

The Alter Rebbe had no words with which to reply, so he said sincerely, and with a cry, that he would burn his writings. The elders put their hands on his head and blessed him to succeed in his studies and to continue to develop innovations [in Torah] and to pave a way of service to G‑d that thousands of Jews in all generations would follow until the coming of Mashiach.

When he awoke, he was saddened and distressed, and took upon himself a personal fast. But when he dreamed the same dream a second time, he burned his writings.

Sefer HaToldos of the Alter Rebbe, p. 8