The following day, Sunday, was the annual convention of N’shei Chabad. 500 women were present. Roselyn and Hindy sat at the top table as honored guests from England. Rabbi Gutnick from Australia was the chief speaker, but there were many other speakers too. It took place at the Venetian Manor, Brooklyn, and commenced at 11:30 a.m. with brunch, greetings, reports, discussions, dinner, presentation, a film show and other entertainments that followed in quick succession.

All the ladies and girls were supposed to be at 770 to meet the Rebbe at 7:00 p.m. Why couldn’t our organizations be punctual for a change and take an example from the Rebbe? The Rebbe’s address to the women was due to be broadcast live to Australia, Canada, England, Europe, Israel, South Africa and all over the U.S. The whole world and our dear Rebbe had to wait for the women (mainly the organizers) nearly one-and-a-half hours. It was extremely rude. Following the sicha, there was still the usual “line of yechidus,” and our exhausted Rebbe did not leave for home until four in the morning! I considered it unfair to make the Rebbe wait so long. Their punctuality could have allowed the Rebbe to leave for home at two-thirty in the morning, instead of four. And, for people in England and Israel etc. who were waiting near their telephones from midnight until 1:30 a.m. for the Rebbe’s message, there was also the extra financial obligation this entailed.

I subsequently met delegates to this convention from Chicago and other cities, as well as from Brooklyn. One told me that she had not had yechidus for eight years. Another was going to settle in Israel and had tried for many months to see the Rebbe. A third woman had tried for three years. They were told to join the line and get a brocha from the Rebbe. I am really a very fortunate and lucky person to be able to see our Rebbe so often.

On Thursday, Iyar 29 (June 4), which was Erev Rosh Chodesh, the Rebbe went to the ohel to pray, say tehillim and plead for all Jews. The Rebbe fasts the whole day anytime he goes to the ohel, except for one drink before he leaves 770. (During the three weeks we were in Brooklyn, the Rebbe went to the ohel three times.)

It was 8:40 p.m. when the Rebbe returned, looking terribly tired, hot and really worn out. What the Rebbe does for us Jews! Shmuel, my son-in-law, has yahrtzeit this date, and davened mincha with the Rebbe’s minyan as the chazan.

For maariv, which was at 9:20, I was asked to daven before the omud. A chazan is supposed to be asked three times before he accepts. I took no chances and accepted straight away.

As the Rebbe was still fasting I davened extremely quickly. No one objected at all; but, instead of going straight home to eat something and perhaps rest a little after maariv, the Rebbe had yechidus with Chief Rabbi Dreyfus of Belgium!