Shabbos parshas Bamidbar, Sivan 2 (June 6), I had an aliyah in the Rebbe’s shul thank G‑d. At 1:30 the Rebbe held a farbrengen that went on until six.

During the second niggun, the Rebbe got so excited he jumped up to dance and waved his arms, conducting the tempo. When the Rebbe stands, all stand. Everybody standing, singing and jumping and the tempo getting faster and faster. It was impossible to keep up. Yet the Rebbe is egging me on, faster and faster.

During the course of this farbrengen, I had already said l’chaim to the Rebbe three or four times, yet, the Rebbe leaned over the head table and said, “Say l’chaim” and added, “Du bahalst zich unter dem tish!” (you are hiding under the table).

Again a sicha on “Who is a Jew?” The Rebbe said:

When it came to the test, no Jew would give up his heritage. As we find in the Prophets about the wicked Jewish king Achav, who had all the Jewish prophets murdered; but when approached by a gentile, the king of Aram, who wanted to buy his sefer Torah, he refused. Ultimately he went to war over that, a war he thought he would certainly lose, but on no account would he give up his sefer Torah.

The problem is with those who want to register goyim as Jews. The goy may not mind being registered as a Jew for now but sooner than later, he too will regret it.

Some have suggested that we need the goyim to live in Israel in border towns, on vast stretches of land that are empty now. We don’t need non-Jews to fill up empty parts of our land. Jews don’t need to rely on any other nations; we have everything that we need.

In fact, there is a tribe of non-Jews in Israel called Druzim, (Some are descendants of Yishmael (Muslims) and some are Christians.) They live right on the borders where it is most dangerous, fighting for Israel. They have been doing this for twenty-two years and many of them have thus been killed,