On Sunday, Sivan 15 (May 25), I had a mini-yechidus with the Rebbe outside of 770. The Rebbe further elaborated on yesterday’s sicha about the Tanya and emphasized, yet again, that if there were any complaints from whatever people or sources about any aspect of the Tanya, he accepted full and all responsibility. He personally had nothing but praise for all who took part in its publication.

The Rebbe requested that a British delegation comprised of Rabbi Sudak, Hershel, Bernard, Mendel Katsch, Shmuel and me should present a Tanya to as many organizations (in Crown Heights) as time would permit, including Machon Chana (school for baal teshuva women) and Beis Rivkah (the girl’s school) “Mrs. Jaffe and your daughter [Hindy Lew] should join this delegation too.” We should then take this same delegation (not the ladies) to the other organizations, like Hadar Hatorah (a yeshiva for young baal teshuva men) and the library. The Rebbe said we should not take one to the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva, as the bochurim there needed to learn Tanya from the original, not the bilingual one.

We carried out the Rebbe’s instructions in full measure. At all the places we visited we were received with great pomp and ceremony. Shmuel repeated the Rebbe’s sicha. Rabbi Sudak presented to whoever was in charge of each place a Tanya, autographed by the four committee members. Shmuel and Nachman carried out their tasks efficiently and everything was most impressive.

I had understood, at our yechidus, that the Rebbe had agreed to give an autographed Tanya to the committee members at a special yechidus in the Rebbe’s private study. I mentioned this (mis)understanding of mine in a subsequent letter to the Rebbe.

Where I had written, “into yechidus,” The Rebbe responded with a handwritten Hebrew note:

?! For several years now there is no yechidus during these days [this long after yom tov. -Ed.]. My intention was to hand the Tanya and sicha [about the Tanya] as last time, not in my room – to thus dispel the complaints which I told you about, as to why I differentiate between one person and the next, etc. It will [instead] be outside so that everyone will be able to approach immediately before their journey [home].

After receiving this clarification, I figured the Rebbe was referring to a ceremony immediately outside his room or in the hallway at the main entrance of 770. Word travels quickly through Crown Heights, so we were now expecting a crush of people in the hallway/waiting room area at 5:00 p.m. before we departed for home.

In this letter, the Rebbe also very warmly thanked me again for the diary. I had asked if the Rebbe was satisfied with the words of Torah contained in my latest diary. The Rebbe replied that he was. Regarding future visits to New York, we were to come: "at least as often as in the past."

I had written that “the sicha on the presentation of the Tanya I am told will shortly be issued in English.” I asked the Rebbe whether he would distribute the English version of that sicha. Where I had written

“the Tanya” the Rebbe wrote, "I will give them in Yiddish, and where I wrote “issued in English,” the Rebbe responded: "This should to be done by Anash in England – if they so desire."