As the time of our departure was approaching, I took the opportunity of saying farewell to our many friends at 770 and to give personal thanks to those who helped make our stay so memorable and enjoyable.

It would be invidious to mention everyone by name. However, it is only right and correct that I extend special thanks to three friends that have always been very helpful to us: Rabbis Chodakov, Groner and Klein. This year they were particularly outstanding and assisted us to the greatest possible extent. No words or phrases of mine can do justice to the splendid and cheerful manner in which they went out of their way to help make our Shavuos visit so perfect.

I discussed with Rabbi Chodakov what effects a visit to the Rebbe could possibly have on little children, especially those who have spent their “holiday” in New York attending school.

Rabbi Chodakov replied that one could never know or even imagine what memory a child’s mind will retain for the rest of their lives.

Roselyn told him that she had noticed we had new neighbors next door to the kollel and “they looked like Lubavitchers.”

“Yes,” replied Rabbi Chodakov, “they are my son and his family.” (I always said that Roselyn is a very observant Jewess!)

I informed Rabbi Chodakov that at the farbrengens, I now have a new neighbor. He is an out of town rabbi and I think he is not used to such long farbrengens, because he kept dropping off to sleep and on a few occasions I found his head cradled in my arm. It was most embarrassing. Every time I jolted him awake to remove him from my arm, within a few minutes, I found him asleep against my side.

“The neshomo (the soul) never sleeps,” Rabbi Chodakov stated.

Last year, I mentioned that the Jewish daily newspaper, The Forward, had written a terrible diatribe against the Rebbe with no foundation whatsoever in fact. I was glad to learn now (from Rabbi Chodakov) that for three consecutive days, the editor of that paper had prominently displayed an unequivocal apology to the Rebbe for printing these false rumors and stories.

I thanked Rabbi Chodakov again for everything he had done for us and for his suggestions for dividing this “diary” into chapters – I hope my efforts were worthwhile.