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Lag BaOmer Questions & Answers

What Is Lag BaOmer?
Lag BaOmer, the 33rd day of the Omer count, is a festive day on the Jewish calendar.
Celebrate on the Anniversary of Death?
Why all the joy on the day of the passing of the great sage Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai?
Every year on the holiday of Lag BaOmer, we go to the park, have bonfires and live music and many celebrations. I never understood this. Are we supposed to have celebrations on the anniversary of someone’s passing?
Why the Bow and Arrow on Lag BaOmer?
Why do we play with a bow and arrow on the Jewish holiday of Lag BaOmer?
How to Eat Carob (and Why We Eat it on Lag BaOmer)
Technically, you can gnaw on raw carob pods, but it’s hard work and not the most pleasant experience.
What Happened to the Bar Kochba-Lag BaOmer Connection?
Your Lag BaOmer section has no mention of the wars Bar Kochba waged against the Romans! Why?
Take the Lag BaOmer Quiz
Here is a fun way to see if you are a Lag BaOmer expert