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Changing Perspectives

In G-d We Trust, All Others Pay Cash
When we are not mindful of G‑d's existence, we lose trust in people.
My Date 'Dumped Me' for My Best Friend!
Only G‑d knows everything that goes on in a person’s mind and life, while we humans see merely a snapshot.
Do You Really Think G-d Speaks to Us?
“How can I know what G‑d wants me to do?” a woman once asked the Rebbe.
Five Judaism Lessons My Cat Taught Me
Over the years, my feline friends have taught me much more than I’ve ever taught them.
How I Reacted When My Phone Broke
I began going through the stages of grief. I couldn’t function for the first day. When day three arrived, I stopped missing my phone, and that’s when the really crazy stuff happened.
Finding Strength: Remembering Elie Wiesel
When darkness encroaches, it is difficult to see through to the end of the tunnel. Darkness envelopes. Darkness engulfs. Darkness is relentless. It is difficult to pierce its veil, to peer through it and find light. But it is not impossible.
The Power of Me
Appreciating our natural strengths and actively using them to affect our corner of the world helps us shift our focus from wishing we had what others have to being at peace with the person G-d created us to be.
How Could I Have Judged Him?
I couldn’t understand why he never came to shul and why he didn’t send his children to a Jewish school. He was such a nice and sweet Jew. Why did he choose to be so uninvolved? This must be addressed, said my righteous indignation. I waited for an opportunity to “give him a piece of my mind.”
Labor Day
Labor Day has been around since 1882; after 129 years, perhaps it’s time to dust off the holiday, shine some light on it and figure out what it’s all about. Or, more importantly, what it can mean to us . . .
A Good Time to Refocus
Rosh Hashanah is milestone for the entire world and everyone is welcome to dip a piece of apple in honey and celebrate a New Year.
If the Shoe Fits
From a distance I watch my youngest daughter wobbling clumsily on my highest heels, attempting to find her balance. She looks as though she might topple over at any moment
Put Away the Red Marker!
"First read the article," I say. But the affinity for the red pen is many an editor's Achilles heel. And the tendency to focus on the details at the expense of the larger picture affects us all...
Are You Looking at Me?
I stared at her intently as I drew closer and waited to see how she would react. Suddenly, the girl looked up, noticed my gaze, and put her hand up to her cheek, “I know, my face is really dirty, isn’t it?”
The Mirror Theory
How to Handle Impossible People
We can all think of a few people that we would describe as being "impossible." These are individuals who push the wrong buttons, irritate us to no end and annoy us whenever we talk to them.
My New Pair of Glasses
How would life be if we simply explained its occurrences in a positive way?
Will The Snow Drive Away the Minyan?
“Wait!” I say, after sipping a warm glass of tea. (The lemon helped.) “I’ll have my minyan—and then some.”