“How can I know what G‑d wants me to do?” a woman once asked the Rebbe.

Now, I’m guessing this woman was quite spiritual. Most people are primarily concerned about what G‑d can do for them, not what G‑d wants from them.

Imagine having a vision in the middle of the night where you see G‑d. Would you tell Him, “Dear G‑d, please guide me in Your ways and reveal my purpose in life,” or would you be more likely to say, “Please, G‑d, give me health, wealth, success, and happiness?”

I’m ashamed to say that I would probably choose the latter...

But regardless of what we might ask of G‑d, most of us would agree that we can’t generally hear His answer.

In Biblical times, everyone—from Cain to Noah to Abraham to Aaron—had the ability to chat directly with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. We, however, don’t generally interact with Him. Yes, we can talk (pray) to Him, but does He respond? And if He does, can we even hear it?

So maybe that was the real question this spiritual seeker was asking the Rebbe. She wanted to be able to hear G‑d’s voice talking directly to her, showing her the way.

The Rebbe’s response was succinct; only nine words in the original Hebrew.1 But those few words offer a revolutionary approach to understanding G‑d, and more importantly, to understanding ourselves.

Art by Rivka Korf Studio
Art by Rivka Korf Studio

Here is a translation of the Rebbe’s words, which I have taken the liberty to explain per my understanding:

“G‑d is speaking directly to your soul (and this the source of your good resolutions).”

So, is G‑d talking to me? Absolutely. The conversation is happening. But it’s happening where it really matters—on a soul level.

You want to hear the voice of G‑d? Don't expect Him to come down from heaven with a booming voice and give you some fantastical mission. If you really want to hear His voice, you need to look inwards.

Inside of each of us, G‑d has planted the good intention, pure motivation, and desire to engage in good and holy acts.

When you feel that push, when you make that resolution to do something good, don’t view it as something you decided on your own. It was actually the voice of G‑d inside you.

Treat it as such. Take it seriously. Take that good intention and pursue it with full devotion until you reach your goal. This is what G‑d wants you to do; this is your mission.

We aren’t isolated humans, blindly trying to navigate our way through a chaotic world. We have a constant connection with our Creator, guiding us every step of the way.

May G‑d grant us the ability to recognize His voice and an abundance of energy to accomplish all of the good deeds we want to do.