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Questions and Answers

Is It Immoral to Be Overweight?
Do health and fitness have a place in Judaism? It seems that the secular world encourages a healthy life far more than the Jewish world does. I hear rabbis talk about spiritual matters, but find it hard to listen to them if they themselves are overweight. Is physical wellbeing not important?
Why Are People Afraid of Dogs?
Whenever I walk mine past an observant family, all the kids hide behind their mother's skirt in terror. Is there some curse on dogs?
G‑d in High School
To place Torah in one world and "secular" learning in another borders on having more than one G‑d. Rather, all knowledge should have the same purpose: to further our awareness of the one Creator of All Things
I'm a Failure!
In our world of inverted values, a person may have abandoned his third wife, be estranged from his children, have no friends and his dog ran away from him, but he's called "successful" because he makes a lot of money...
How to be Humble without being a Wimp
How to fly high above any challenge, smash through the most impervious obstacle, take on the entire world without flinching--and be humble about it, too!
Do You Want to Become a Diamond?
She calls this her “ultimate artwork”—having her body cremated after she dies and then compressed to form a diamond . . .
How to Stop a Crying Baby
How can I start feeling more grateful for my blessings and less resentful about my hardships?
Time For a Change of Scenery?
My life is at a standstill. I'm thinking of moving to a different city, or maybe changing my career...
A Glimpse into our Ask-The-Rabbi Service
A sample of the hundreds of questions our team receives on a daily basis...
Does G-d Hate Me If I'm Bad?
The ultimate guilt trip is really a cheap copout
There is a beast inside, a genius of a beast, but a stupid genius. A clear and thoughtful mind knows it takes an awful lot to get the Creator of the Universe angry with you.
Rocket Science and a Broken Marriage
On getting past the guilt and flying even higher