Once, while a king was hunting in the forest, night fell earlier than expected. The king and his entourage could not find the path back to the palace. After hours of wandering, they glimpsed a light glowing in the distance. Feeling optimistic, they headed toward it.

The flickering light illuminated a small cottage, which was occupied by an old man. The host warmly invited his guests to stay for the night, and diligently cared for their needs. Before leaving, the king invited the old man to the palace to repay him for his kindness.

When the appointed time arrived, the king offered the old man his most precious singing bird, one that the king so delighted at listening to that he placed it adjacent to his bed. Although the king regretted losing the bird, he was pleased to reciprocate the good deed.

On another trip to the forest, the king surprised the old man with a visit. In the midst of conversation, the king inquired after the extraordinary bird.

“Oh, the bird?” asked the old man. “It was scrumptious. As soon as I got home, I treated myself…”