Once there was an adolescent camel that would pose questions to its mother incessantly, as all children naturally do.

“Mother, why do we have a hump perched on our backs?”

Mother replied, “My child, these humps prevent hunger and thirst as we trek through on long journeys through the dry desert. We store rations of water inside our humps to quench our thirst.”

“But mother, why do we have long eye-lashes?”

“Oh, son, those are to keep the sand in the desert from ruining our eyes during sandstorms. This protection allows us to continue traveling.”

“And what about our awkwardly-shaped feet?”

“Aha! They support our legs from sinking into the soft sand. This enables us to walk more easily and quickly.”

Finally, frustrated and confused, the young camel cried out, “So what are we doing in the Bronx Zoo?!”