Duvy beamed with pride as he jumped up and down with his treasured prize. Up and down, higher and higher he jumped on his trampoline, aiming to touch his new, shiny toy truck to the clouds. In a frenzy of excitement, the toy slipped out of his small hands and crashed onto the ground, shattering into a mess of broken pieces. Duvy was devastated. With thick, salty tears running down his tender cheeks, Duvy gazed toward the sky and prayed passionately to G‑d to please put the pieces of his toy together again.

His big sister laughed at Duvy and mockingly asked, “My dear baby brother, do you really expect G‑d to answer your prayers?”

“You will see that G‑d will answer me,” Duvy replied, with a twinkle of faith in his little brown eyes. His sister laughed and went into the house.

A few hours later, when the sister returned, she was not surprised to see the pieces of the shiny toy truck still strewn across the green grass. “Well Duvy, has G‑d answered?” she asked.

“Yes,” was Duvy’s reply, “He said ‘no.’”

“Happiness is not an absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.”