Although the elderly man had not driven in many months, he finally mustered the courage. As he cautiously cruised down the side roads, his tension subsided. He merged onto the highway, trying to allow his automatic “driving nature” to rule his maneuvering.

As he increased speed, his cell phone rang. It was his wife.

“Listen, dear,” his wife said nervously, “The radio announcer says that there is a madman driving on the wrong side of the highway, against the traffic. Please be careful!”

“Only one mad driver?” he yelled. “They’re all driving the wrong way!”

“Never be afraid to stand with the minority
when you feel the minority is right,
for one day the minority that is right will
be the majority. Always be afraid to stand with
the majority that is wrong, for one day the majority
that is wrong will be the minority.”

“Normal is boring.”

—Chaim Bryski

Code of Jewish Law rules that one ascertains whether
a duck is kosher if it swims against the tide.
That’s the powerful challenge of living in our times –
to fight ferocious tides…”
Chana Burston