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I Believe...
Video | 0:50
I Believe...
When will the Jew’s hopes and dreams be realized?
Expecting Moshiach Today
15 Shevat, 5741 • January 20, 1981
The Previous Rebbe was once approached with the following dilemma: You profess to expect Moshiach’s coming “immediately.” Yet, at the same time, you make long-term plans, as if expecting exile to continue for the foreseeable future?
Questions and Answers About Moshiach
Moshiach Facts, Lesson 1
Rabbi Raskin asks and answers five basic questions about the concept of Moshiach.
You Have to Ask for Moshiach
Pesach Sheni, 5744 · May 16, 1984
There are those who question: “Why do you speak so much about bringing Moshiach?” “Why don’t you rely on G-d – after all, He’s the one Who sent us into Exile in the first place!”
Passover – Calling All Citizens!
6th Night of Passover, 5748 · April 6, 1988
Passover is ‘The Festival of Our Freedom.’ The Festival itself calls out: “Listen, Jews – we must be free!” The verse states: “There shall be one law for the Passover sacrifice – for you, the convert and the native-born.” Allegorically speaking, ‘native-born’ refers to the ‘true citizen’ of a country – one who thinks that his country is the greatest. A Jew must recognize, however, that he is “Jerusalem-born” – no matter where in the world he is.
Moshiach - The Jewish Perspective
The Jewish belief that there will arise a leader who will bring the entire world to recognize and serve the Creator, ushering in an era of universal peace and Divine perfection.
Mr. Moshiach Please
Audio | 1:02:07
Mr. Moshiach Please
Listen as the traditional belief is demystified and presented in a down to earth fashion. This talk emphasizes the need to actively prepare for Moshiach, by making the world more G-dly.
Nuclear Threat
Audio | 58:28
Nuclear Threat
A Prelude to the Messianic Era
Discover how ancient kabbalastic texts foretold the nuclear age and what the final outcome will be.
Moshiach - Universal Peace
We await the Messianic Era because we look forward to finally having peace and reaping the fruits of our millennia-long exile toil.
The End of Days
A four part series on the Torah’s view on the end of days; an apocalyptic or positive outlook of the future, Moshiach and Elijah.
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