On Thursday evening, Nissan 27, 5751 (April 11, 1991), exactly eleven months before the he fell ill, the Rebbe issued this impassioned call to his followers and to the entire Jewish and world community. This unusually strongly worded message, and the anguished voice in which it was delivered, shocked and roused his Chassidim to a heightened initiative in the Rebbe's campaign to bring the world to an awareness of and preparedness for the Redemption

How is it that Moshiach has still not come? Why are we still in a state of galut? Why is our world still a place in which evil and suffering prevail?

Why is it acceptable that the Redemption should not come tonight, nor tomorrow, nor the day after, G‑d forbid? The Jewish nation are "a stiff-necked people." Were there to be found even a few individuals who would stubbornly insist on bringing Moshiach, he would have certainly long arrived!

What more can I do?! I have done all I can to bring the world to truly demand and clamor for the Redemption. But it seems that all my efforts have been in vain: we are still in galut and, more significantly, in an internal galut of clouded vision and distorted priorities.

I have done all I can. I leave it to youdo all that you can to bring our righteous redeemer, immediately!

It is not sufficient to mouth slogans. It is up to each and every of you to bring the ultimate Redemption with your actions. It is in your hands to bring Moshiach.