New Haven, Ct.

Greeting and Blessing:

...I completely agree with you, of course, about the importance of the role of Jewish youth in this country, and everywhere else. However, I do not agree with you in taking a defensive and almost apologetic attitude about the great things that can be achieved with Jewish youth. Firstly, how can one judge or measure the greatness and significance of any particular Mitzva which is carried out in the daily life, especially in light of the saying of our Sages, "Do not engage in weighing the Mitzvot of the Torah."1

Moreover, the infinite importance of a Mitzva has been aptly stated by our Sages, and quoted in the Rambam2 as a matter of Jewish law (since his work Yad Hachazaka is a Code of Jewish Law), to the effect that a person should always consider himself, as well as the whole world, as equibalanced, so that by doing one additional good deed, he tips the scale in favor both for himself, as well as for the whole world.

If this has been said in regard to everyone, it is particularly significant to youth who have been untapped reserves of energy and enthusiasm, and who have yet to establish their way of life. At this stage, every improvement is eventually compounded, as is the case, for example, with a seed or seedling, when proper care at this early stage has lasting effects in producing a healthy fruit-bearing tree, while even the slightest damage to the seed or seedling, may have a lasting crippling effect. There is also the added consideration that each and every youth brought closer to the Torah and Mitzvot is likely to result in a chain reaction, both in the effects upon himself, as well as in the society at large.

Finally, if there have ever been any doubts about the importance and effectiveness of small things, this has been completely dispelled in the present atomic age, which has demonstrated the tremendous power that can be realized from relatively minute quantities of matter and utilizing the atomic energy concealed in it. Certainly this is true of the spiritual qualities and powers possessed by each and every Jew.

With blessing,