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I Can't Take Another Minute of This!
We can put up with quite a lot when we know there’s an end to it.
A Mother's Plea
I have come so far. I have not enjoyed the suffering, or the unrest, yet I have accepted that it will come to an end, a glorious end that will create a beautiful new beginning.
Meaning and Chaos
In a few brush strokes, our Parshah outlines two pictures: one of "Redemption" -- national and individual wholeness; the other of Galut -- fragmentation and conflict
I Don't Have a Dream
What do we do when a bad dream becomes too horrible to bear? We make ourselves wake up, and all the impossible predicaments and disturbing contradictions disappear as if they never were.
The Spiritual Genome
The curled and folded shape of the fetus is garishly out of sync with the upright posture of the human being. The obvious explanation is the limited space afforded by the womb. A deeper explanation is offered in Chassidism
Due Date
I am constricted, I am uncomfortable, I am in pain. I am in exile from my body, my emotions and my true state of being. I am anxious and annoyed and annoying. I am actually experiencing galut for the first time
Why We Mourn
Why the obsession over an ancient Jerusalemite structure? Does the lack of a Holy Temple leave any of us feeling a gaping hole in our lives?
The Disappearing Sea
The water recedes, causing his toes to sink into the sand; it rushes back to cover his legs up to his knees. Small waves, big waves. The further the wave recedes, and the longer before it breaks, the further it will charge up the beach . . .
A Chaos of Infinite Light
Patients with receptive aphasia speak in sentences with proper intonation and inflection. What they say, however, is random nonsenset. Aphasic language is the paradigm that best describes the chaotic profusion that constitutes worldly life today.
The Act of Knowing
Imagine if everyone saw you as you really are, as you see yourself. And you looked at everyone else and saw them as they see themselves. Our world would be a very different place, wouldn't it?
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