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Funny Study

Concepts Packaged in Purim Humor

Purim is known for the slightly irreverent mood that pervades the day. Here are some snippets of humorous Purim thoughts -- some with a serious underlining, others without...

The Story of Purim via Twitter
The Purim story in 21st century style!
Wonder of Wonders: Three Miracles Discuss Their Craft
With Passover and Purim around the corner, we thought it would be appropriate to devote this week’s “Please Explain” segment to the question, “What Is a Miracle?”
Purim Paparazzi
Instead of probing into prominent people’s privacies, I would pursue celebrities like Ahasuerus and Vashti of Persia. I would get a better picture, or portrait, of the megillah’s principal personalities . . .
Three Pertinent Points of the Purim Pastry
Although the hamantash has been around for thousands of years, it was considered a moot point in higher academic circles. Other than being a tasty snack, it seemed to hold no special significance...
The Shushan Files -- Part I
Events that unfolded in Shushan, the capitol of the Persian Empire, more than 25 centuries ago, had a traumatic effect on two angels assigned to the operation. Revealed here are transcripts of their sessions with their earthly therapist
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