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Poppy Seeds

Short samplings of the Purim "pastry"

Like the poppy seeds in the hamantash, the richness of Purim comes to us hidden in an envelope of flaky dough, imbedded within the cookie of external events...

A Throw of Dice
With all the events and actions that contributed to the miracle of Purim, why is the festival named after the seemingly minor detail that Haman picked the date for his decree by casting lots?
Why do we disguise ourselves on Purim?
A Momentous Year
Come to think of it, the idea of a "moment of truth" is almost an oxymoron. If it's true, shouldn't it always be that way?
The Extreme Jew
Push yourself to your limits and beyond, and if you do it with all the integrity and devotion and goodness of your Jewish soul and your Jewish body, there you will find G-d
The Underhand Spin
There are two holidays on which we spin. The Chanukah dreidel is spun from above. Purim's gragger is turned from below...
Oil and Wine
An inside-out festival
When a thing is what it is, it's the same from the inside looking out and from the outside looking in
Unknown Joy
"If you're happy and you know it," then you can clap your hands -- but you are not yet in a Purim state of mind.
Think Now
If you are not relating to the words of the Megillah, then you are experiencing a backwards Purim.
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