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Purim Basics

How-to guide to take you through the holiday of Purim and its exciting customs and traditions.

How to Celebrate Purim
Your Purim 2023 guide contains the story of Purim, and all you need to know about the 4 mitzvahs of Purim and the other observances of the day
This user-friendly wizard walks you through all of Purim’s traditions and customs.
What Is Purim?
Purim is a joyous Jewish holiday that celebrates the miraculous events told in the Book of Esther. It is celebrated by reading the Megillah, giving gifts, distributing charity, and feasting.
What to Expect at a Purim Party
Of all Jewish holidays, this is the one when people let loose, dress up in silly costumes, and act in ways you’d never see them act during the rest of the year.
Mishloach Manot: Sending Food Gifts on Purim
On Purim we emphasize the importance of Jewish unity and friendship by sending gifts of food to friends. We send a gift of at least two kinds of ready-to-eat foods (e.g., pastry, fruit, beverage), to at least one friend on Purim day.
Happy Purim
Traditional Purim Greeting
When Jews meet each other on the joyous holiday of Purim, they greet each other with wishes of “happy Purim.”
15 Purim Facts Every Jew Should Know
The jolly festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar (late winter/early spring).
Children’s Guide
Abridged and Simplified Version of the Purim How-To
Special abridged and simplified version of the Purim How-To guide geared toward children. Includes overview of the four major Mitzvot of Purim.
9 Common Purim Myths and Misconceptions
There are some things that “everyone knows.” Turns out not all of them are true.
Purim in a Nutshell
Get the inside scoop on the story of Purim as well as how it is celebrated from ancient times until today.
Making Purim Inclusive: Be a Part of It!
Here are some guidelines that can be used by individuals and synagogues. Please help by forwarding this to your friends, rabbis, and community leaders.
Ten Ways You Can Help Alcoholics and Addicts Have a Happy Purim
Each year my wife and I host an alcohol-free Purim seudah (festive afternoon meal) in the heart of Jerusalem for Jewish alcoholics, addicts, and their families.
Eleven Purim Traditions for You and Your Family
Beyond the bare bones requirements, a wealth of customs have grown around this joyous day. Here are some, ranging from the well-known to the more obscure.
Take the Purim Quiz!
Brush up on your Purim facts with this fun and simple quiz!
Take the Megillah Story Quiz!
Do you remember the entire story of Purim? See how well you do!
Take the Purim Heroes and Villains Quiz
How much do you know about the characters in the Purim story?
Top 10 Traditional Purim foods
Here are some of the foods that are traditionally eaten by Jews of various communities on Purim.