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How Jews Support Large Families

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How Jews Support Large Families

Judaism teaches us that each and every child born is a cherished blessing for its parents and the Jewish people as a whole. But where can parents gain the confidence to take on the financial burden of raising a large family? The real answer is that your success was never in your hands anyway.
Career; Earning a Living, Peru U'revu, Family Planning, Lubavitcher Rebbe
How Jews Support Large Families
Disc 180, Program 717

Event Date: 10 Shevat 5741 - January 15, 1981
Living Torah

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Brian Gandlin Staten island April 28, 2023

Wow amazing Reply

S UK April 26, 2023

It is truly beautiful to hear wonderful words; supporting family, parenting, motherhood and the blessings.of children. May we cherish in our hearts, minds and deeds the blessing of our own and others in the procreation and continuation of mankind. Reply

David July 12, 2018

Hareidi Poverty I read in the hareidi newspaper Modia an article that said that in Israel, after the Arabs, the Hareidi sector is the poorest in the country, and they were demanding that the government do something the fix the situation. Furthermore, here in the USA, I regularly receive letters from various hareidi organizations telling of the dire financial situation among their families and asking for charitable donations. Hareidim, with their large families, observe and study Torah more than anyone else, so why doesn't it result in their receiving decent incomes without having to ask for charity and government assistance? Could you please explain to me how the Rebbe's words conform to reality. Thanks. I hope you realize that I am not attacking the Rebbe or his opinion, I just want to understand it. Reply

shirah Braum Novato April 28, 2023
in response to David:

I would like to know the following please: what is the actual percentage of Hareidim who receive governent assistance? How does this compare to the Israeli population as a whole? Having children is an important mitzvah. I believe the mitzvah calls for 2 children per husband & wife. Please correct me if I am mistaken! It is surely important to support your family And learn Torah.
Todah! Reply

Joelle Journaud PARIS 12 May 7, 2023
in response to David:

Exactly, poverty is a reality and food is just not an imaginary thing, furthermore the ones living comfortably are really judgemental and demeaning Reply

One of Twelve May 4, 2023
in response to shirah Braum:

Just wanted to point out the obligation is to have 2 children but it is still a mitzvah to continue having children after that. When the Rebbe said that Hashem will provide for them the Rebbe meant even when you have more than 2 as is understood from other times the Rebbe spoke about this topic.
Just to give you a little understanding of why Hareidim are considered poorer, first of all they have much bigger families (in israel the hareidi fertility rate is 6.6 in contrast to the secular rate of 2.0. In America the Orthodox Jewish Fertility rate is over double the rate of secular jews [this is including all religious jews which means the charedi rate alone is probably higher]) and the poverty level is genaraly measured by the houshold size. If you check up the average household income for chareidim in America it's much higher than the average American. $70,784 American average, 136,000 Chareidi average. Reply

One of Twelve May 4, 2023
in response to shirah Braum:

Second of all, the costs of being religious are very high (private schools, religious articles [tefilin, shaitel, seforim, etc.] Shabbos and Yom Tov expenses, Simchas like bar/bat mitzvahs etc.).
Also the reason you get so much letters for charity is because jews know that they can fund their instatutions with charity because jews and specifically religious jews give way more than others. US average charity given per year per family is $737, Jews in US $2,526 and religious Jews even more.
Another point is that although religious jews (in America at least) make less than non religious jews they make a decent amount of money. The Rebbe didn't say that (at least here) that you will be rich if you have many children only that Hashem will provide for your needs. Not always is it a good thing to have more money than you need.
For more on having many children Jem has a video called "The greatest blessing" the Rebbe speaking about it.

But I still think your Question needs better a answer. Reply

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