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How Jews Support Large Families

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How Jews Support Large Families

Judaism teaches us that each and every child born is a cherished blessing for its parents and the Jewish people as a whole. But where can parents gain the confidence to take on the financial burden of raising a large family? The real answer is that your success was never in your hands anyway.
Career; Earning a Living, Peru U'revu, Family Planning, Lubavitcher Rebbe
How Jews Support Large Families
Disc 180, Program 717

Event Date: 10 Shevat 5741 - January 15, 1981
Living Torah

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1 Comment
David July 12, 2018

Hareidi Poverty I read in the hareidi newspaper Modia an article that said that in Israel, after the Arabs, the Hareidi sector is the poorest in the country, and they were demanding that the government do something the fix the situation. Furthermore, here in the USA, I regularly receive letters from various hareidi organizations telling of the dire financial situation among their families and asking for charitable donations. Hareidim, with their large families, observe and study Torah more than anyone else, so why doesn't it result in their receiving decent incomes without having to ask for charity and government assistance? Could you please explain to me how the Rebbe's words conform to reality. Thanks. I hope you realize that I am not attacking the Rebbe or his opinion, I just want to understand it. Reply

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