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Practically Speaking

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Practically Speaking

Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick relates that his father, known as a powerful orator, once confided in the Rebbe that he wonders how much he is actually accomplishing with his speeches. The Rebbe’s advice to his father is something Rabbi Gutnick still uses today.
Shabbat, Speech; Communication, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Practically Speaking
Disc 132, Program 528

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wife of a disgrantled ex-congrgegant of a Chabad house Staten Island October 21, 2014

Practical Advice i would like to suggest a piece of practical advice for Rabbis as well. Rabbi Gutnick's father waited until the third time the Holocaust survivor came to greet him. If a Rabbi (or Rebbetzin) sees a new face in shul or someone who hasn't been there a while, not to wait but greet him or her the first time, if possible., and to greet those who have been there a while too and ask how they and their family are doing., And if a congregant hasn't come for a while, for the Rabbi to call the person at home, if possible,and ask how they are doing. Reply

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