Everyone knows that 18 is significant in Judaism.

But not many people know the power of 28.

Why am I thinking about 28? Because this Shabbat is 3 Tammuz, the 28th yahrtzeit of the Rebbe, of righteous memory.

In Hebrew, the number 28 is the numerical value ko’ach. (kaf=20, chet=8 and 20+8=28)

Ko’ach can be translated as “strength,” “power,” ability,” “vigor,” or “energy.” And boy, is this something we all need!

I often hear people of all ages and stages share how they are "getting old." I've even heard this from people who just turned 30.

So we all need ko’ach. We need energy and inner strength to push through. The question is: How do we get it?

Isaiah the Prophet discusses this topic and predicted that “youths shall become tired and weary, and young men shall stumble." He then declared that “those who put their hope in the L‑rd shall renew [their] vigor.”

The Hebrew words for “renew vigor” are, yachalifu ko’ach.

The Rebbe once presented an alternative translation of yachalifu. Instead of “renew,” it literally means “exchange.”

Those connected to G‑d "exchange" their vigor with G‑d’s. After exhausting their energy, they exchange it with G‑d's inexhaustible power.

Given that G‑d’s ko’ach is endless, they can tap into a never-ending reservoir of power and inner strength.

This is why the number 28 is so significant.

If 18 is life, 28 is the force that enables us to go through life. G‑d’s ko’ach gives us the motivation and power to do the right things and keep at it, because we no longer use only our limited resources.

The Rebbe's 28th yahrtzeit is a perfect opportunity for us to renew—and exchange—our ko’ach.

I think about how, when people suggested the Rebbe retire and enjoy a quiet and peaceful life, he doubled down on his efforts to reach around the globe with unconditional love.

Into his late 80s, the Rebbe would greet with thousands of people weekly, giving them blessings and advice.

He seemed to have an endless amount of energy, and amazingly, he firmly believed that we could be the same.

May we be blessed to follow the Rebbe’s example by not letting anything stand in the way of the mission given to us by G‑d. Yes, life might be filled with challenges and obstacles, but when we are not merely humans, we have the ko’ach, powered by G‑d Himself!