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The Rebbe on Sports and Games

The Rebbe's lessons from sports, games, and the interaction with the players

Fans and Players
A Baseball Lesson from the Lubavitcher Rebbe
"How was the game?" asked the Rebbe. "By the sixth inning," the young fan confessed, "the Dodgers were losing nine-to-two. So we decided to leave"
A Pair of Tefillin for Sandy Koufax
"That day the pitcher lost the game. But he won the World Series, and on his table were the tefillin," concluded the Rebbe. "In the end, he will give to them merit by putting them on"
The World is a Ball
Large, round object. Move it towards the goal. Outmaneuver those big, burly guys trying to stop you. Be quick. Use your feet. Sounds familiar? Sounds like my life
A Coach's Change of Career
After years of being coached in Judaism, it was his turn to become the coach…
Chess: The Game and its Players
The story of Sammy Reshevsky
The Rebbe's relationship with an international chess champion; the Rebbe's spiritual take on the "Game of Kings"; and the chassidic "kings" who enjoyed the game.
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