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A Movement on Trial
Video | 14:33
A Movement on Trial
Inside the story of Tevet 5: the victory of the sacred books
Jewish Educational Media pulls back the curtain on the fascinating saga of the violation of Lubavitch’s sacred manuscripts and books—and their ultimate triumph. From the Rebbe’s earliest public references to the theft of Chabad’s treasured library, it was clear that this was a spiritual struggle over the movement’s very soul—as embodied in its holy writings—and even over the very definition of a rebbe. (Excerpt from the complete film)
“My Father Belonged to Chassidim”
Attorney Nathan Lewin was one of Chabad’s main lawyers in the federal court case over ownership of the Previous Rebbe’s library. He tells the events which led up to the case, and the vital roles of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin in that court victory (1985 – 1987).
True Victory
Video | 6:37
True Victory
A Talmudic sage was once approached by a good spirit which guarded the local river. It told the sage that an unholy spirit intended to wrest control of the river, and make trouble for the Jews who came to use it. The good spirit instructed the sage: “Gather all the local Jews. When the evil spirit approaches, I will alert you. All the assembled should then stand in its path and shout: ‘Didan Notzach – Victory is ours!’” When the Jews did this a drop of blood appeared on the face of the water, illustrating their victory over the evil spirit.
Victory in the Seforim Case
Days of rejoicing at 770, after US Federal Court ruled that important books and manuscripts stolen from the Previous Rebbe’s Library be returned to the Chassidim. (5 Teves, 5747 • January 6, 1987; 7 Teves, 5747 • January 8, 1987; 2 Cheshvan, 5748 • November 23, 1987)
Didan Notzach
Video | 2:18
Didan Notzach
Chasidim celebrate the ruling of the US Court of Appeals, upholding Agudas Chasidei Chabad’s ownership of the Previous Rebbe’s library.
The Tzaddik Lives
Video | 6:20
The Tzaddik Lives
15 Tammuz, 5745 · July 4, 1985
The Talmud states about our forefather, Jacob: “As long as his children are alive, he, too, is alive.” When we live the teachings and mission of the Rebbe, our bond to him becomes everstronger, and in the words of the Talmud, “he too, is alive.”
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