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3 Tammuz Reflections

Essays, personal reflections, stories written by people whose lives the Rebbe touched.

How does one measure greatness? In the case of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the answer is easily obtained. I know of no one who has left the Rebbe, even after a moment of yehidut (one-on-one meeting), without being deeply affected, if not changed, by their encounter...
The Ache in My Heart
It was merely the expectation that I would see the Rebbe again. Or, to be more precise, that he would see me . . .
My Moment with the Rebbe
I wished I could have the chance to kiss the Torah. It was impossible. I was just too far. I clumsily stretched out my arm. Suddenly, the Rebbe stopped.
A Silence Louder Than Words
On the 27th of Adar the Rebbe suffered a stroke, and spoke no more. How are we to view this event? What does it demand of us?
Gimmel Tammuz
Just about everything imaginable was happening--except for what everyone had predicted would happen
Four Oaths
A Tribute to the Lubavitcher Rebbe twenty years after his passing
Who was this man? And what made him probably the most influential rabbi in modern history and perhaps in much more than modern history?
The Man Who Turned Judaism Outward
A great leader has died and the Jewish world has become a smaller place. History will chart the achievements of the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.
Ten Years Later
One does not need an elaborate introduction to what is essentially his. Just tell her about the Shabbos candles, the Rebbe seemed to be saying, and she will recognize the mitzvah as her own...
Reflections on Leave-Taking
We really should not have to die at all, despite Adam's sin. And G-d, so to speak, is sensitive to this. It "embarrasses" Him...
Everyone a Tzaddik: Miracles, Transmission and Ascent
The word tzaddik is usually applied exclusively to saintly leaders, but the Rebbe applied it to everyone.
In the Space of Silence
It is the third of Tammuz, the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing, and I find myself reflecting on the meaning of the day, desperately searching for answers to questions that still remain, unanswered . . .
Beyond the Physical
Reflections on Gimmel Tammuz
I had never seen the Rebbe before. How was it possible he knew I was there? And why would he have looked at me? I started to wonder if maybe it was wishful thinking, but from the looks of all those around me, it was pretty clear that they had seen it too...
Making Family Memories of a More Important Kind
What kinds of memories are made when you take your family every summer to visit a cemetery?
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