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11 Nisan Vignettes

Videos capturing poignant moments from 11 Nissan celebrations throughout the years.

On birthdays past, well-wishers offer the Rebbe their blessings for the special occasion.
Birthday Wishes
Video | 2:13
Birthday Wishes
Visiting dignitaries extend their good wishes to the Rebbe at a farbrengen in honor of his 80th birthday.
Birthday Blessings
11 Nissan, 5750 · April 6, 1990
Chassidim offer a communal blessing to the Rebbe on his 88th birthday. The Rebbe distributes a Chassidic discourse.
Tanya Distribution
11 Nissan, 5742 · April 4, 1982
The Rebbe distributes Tanyas on his 80th birthday.
Noda Beyehudah
Video | 1:08
Noda Beyehudah
11 Nissan, 5737 • March 30, 1977
“G-d is known in Judah, His Name is great in Israel. His Tabernacle was in Shalem, and His dwelling place in Zion. (Psalms 76:2, 3)
“My Son, May He Be Well”
11 Nissan, 1963 • 20 Av, 1964
Rabbi Shmuel Lew discovers a Farbrengen of elder Chassidim with the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson.
The Rebbe’s Birthday
11 Nissan, 5747 • April 9, 1987
The Rebbe’s 85th birthday at 770.
Life Mimics Art
Video | 2:03
Life Mimics Art
11 Nissan, 5737 · March 30, 1977
Artists Vladmir and Gregory Dashevsky present a birthday present to the Rebbe - a painting they made of the Rebbe receiving an Aliyah to the Torah.
Al Achas
Video | 0:43
Al Achas
11 Nissan, 5737 • March 30, 1977
In the Haggadah, after listing the many miracles and gifts G-d gave the Jewish People after their exodus from Egypt, we recite: “How much more so should we be grateful to the Omnipresent One for the doubled and redoubled goodness that He bestowed upon us, for He has brought us out of Egypt.”
Kemofet Hayiti
Video | 1:42
Kemofet Hayiti
11 Nissan, 5732 • March 26, 1972
“I am a wonder to many; but You are my strong refuge.” (Psalms 71:7) The Chassidim sing a Niggun composed for the Rebbe’s seventieth birthday.
Happy Birthday, Rebbe!
Adults and children wish the Rebbe a long life, a happy Passover and a happy birthday!
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