How thankful we are to the Al‑mighty — our hearts are filled with gratitude and intense appreciation — for we are publishing volume 27 — Zach — of Sichos In English. This volume covers the period from Shabbos Korach, the 3rd of Tammuz through erev Rosh Hashanah of the year 5745, and includes the English translation of the discourses of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Shlita, spoken at all of the Farbrengens held during that time.

The free style translations of the Sichos are structured to appeal to the English-speaking reader who has some basic familiarity with the teachings of Chassidus. The original contexts of the Sichos are generally maintained, and the form and style in which they were said is adhered to. Only slight adaptations or omissions have been permitted, when they facilitate the smooth flow of the translation. As always, great effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the translations; however, they carry no official authorization. As in all works of this nature the possibility of inadvertent error exists.

In connection with the auspicious day of the 12th of Tammuz the Rebbe took several occasions to speak about the Previous Rebbe. When the Previous Rebbe was sent into exile he expressed his association with all Jews. While on a mission of his father to Petersburg to annul a decree against the Jews of Russia he placed himself in mortal danger but made sure that the decree was annulled. During his incarceration he never showed any intimidation. The liberation of the Previous Rebbe on the 12th and 13th of Tammuz represents a revealed miracle and all who are associated with the Previous Rebbe should celebrate this day.

The Rebbe noted that on the Tenth of Tammuz Noach sent out the raven to see if the earth was dry, although he had not been commanded to do so by G‑d. We, too, must try to speed the coming of Mashiach by proclaiming: “We Want Mashiach Now.”

Once again the Rebbe strongly urged the study of the laws of the Beis HaMikdash during the “three weeks,” for when we study these laws the “construction does not cease.” The study should include: the book of Yechezkel, Mishnah Middos and Rambam, Laws of the Temple Structure.

One of the highlights of the Rebbe’s discourses during the summer months each year is his penetrating analysis of the weekly chapter of Pirkei Avos. In this volume we have included several discourses on chapters 3,4,5, and 6. The Rebbe also had occasion to address the children of Tzivos Hashem on the 24th of Elul and the boys and girls returning from summer camps on the 4th day of Elul. He assured them that just as G‑d had watched over them and protected them in the “green pastures” He would continue to do so in the future.

The Rebbe also spoke for a special gathering of senior citizens arranged by Kolel Tiferes Z’Kainim Levi Yitzchok and a special gathering of N’shei uBnos Chabad prior to Rosh Hashanah. We have also included the Rebbe’s letters of Chai Elul and Erev Shabbos Selichos.

From time to time during the year, the Rebbe discusses topics which have special significance to the general Jewish public in areas of current Jewish events, Torah study, philosophy or the enhanced observance of Jewish life. We give special attention to such subjects and issue timely essays devoted solely to the particular topic of importance.

In this volume we have included two inspiring and illuminating essays: Tehillim-Tzedakah — which discusses the importance of reciting Tehillim and the Rebbe’s suggestion to collect Tzedakah whenever Tehillim is recited; the combination provides powerful protection for the Jewish people; and the Essay: The Two Great Luminaries which discusses the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe and how they provide a model for us to emulate in our activities of disseminating the wellsprings of Torah to the outside.

In addition to the increased dissemination of the fountains of Chassidus by the written and printed word — Sichos In English has also become an aggressive pioneer in the area of audio Torah tapes. No sooner was the monumental task of recording the English translation of Rambam’s Mishneh Torah and Sefer HaMitzvos completed, with the help of the Al‑mighty, then Sichos In English undertook the recording and disseminating of Tanya tapes in English and the weekly Torah portion, expounded in the light of Chassidic philosophy. These tapes are heard on call-in telephone lines around the world and are also available to the public.

Our fervent hope is to make the light of Torah accessible to a much wider circle of Jewish readers, to disseminate the wellsprings of Chassidus and to bring new inspiration and vitality into the daily lives of English-speaking Jews. The accomplishment of this goal will be our greatest satisfaction and reward.

Sichos In English

12 Tammuz, 5747