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Testimony (Edut)

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Who is qualified to serve as a witness at a Jewish wedding?
Talmudic Principles on Retroactive Disqualification, Lesson 1
Familiarize yourself with the Talmudic principles of Hakchashah and Hazamah—two different classifications of disqualified witnesses.
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This Talmud course will be exploring and analyzing the third chapter of tractate Sanhedrin, which focuses on the principles and ramifications of the collusive witnesses (“eidim zomemim”), and the Talmudic debate on retroactive law.
Discovering Talmudic Principles
This Talmud course will explore and analyze the logical arguments and the court procedures for authenticating testimony and establishing trust in witnesses. More specifically, an in-depth analysis of the logic behind two Talmudic principles that validate ...
Study the daily lesson of Sefer HaMitzvos for day 322 with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, where he teaches the mitzvah in-depth with added insight and detail.
Part II
In Part 1 of this two-part class, we learned about two different categories of witnesses -- witnesses who corroborate the truth and witnesses who actually "make" the truth. In Part 2, we learn how the Jewish people's testimony that G-d exists leads to the...
Parshah Shoftim
"By the mouth of two witnesses, or three witnesses, shall the one liable to death be put to death; he shall not be put to death by the mouth of one witness." (Deut. 17:6) What does it mean that the Jewish people are "witnesses" to the truth of G-d's exist...
In this week's Torah portion we are commanded to use witnesses to establish the law. There are two types of witnesses; ones that observe and later clarify an event, and ones that are integral to actually establishing and creating the event.
"He's qualified to pass judgement," said the Chassidic master. "He has a personal interest in the matter. He is preaching only because he is in need of funds to marry off his daughter..."
Women Learn Sefer HaMitzvot
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