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The Architects of Talmudic Dialectical Logic II

Talmudic Principles on Retroactive Disqualification, Lesson 4


The Architects of Talmudic Dialectical Logic II: Talmudic Principles on Retroactive Disqualification, Lesson 4

In Talmud’s unique style, we further analyze the reasoning behind their argument and discover an alternative approach. Learn the practical differences between these two seemingly theoretical abstractions?
Retroactive Disqualification Class 4
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Davit Janashia September 24, 2017

In my opinion, the conclusion of the law means: that person, before having witnesses for an event he have to verify if they already testified for some other cases, going to court and asking this information. If they testified already for some other cases, the person has two options: 1. to take a risk that his witnesses will be disqualified retroactively , or 2. this person simply will not make this two people his witnesses. Reply

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