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Operation Protective Edge (2014)

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Showing support to the soldiers and our brothers and sisters in Israel
Rabbi Mendel Kaplan headed a special delegation to Israel amidst the war in Gaza. He met with soldiers, parents that lost their children in battle, and communities in the south terrorized by rocket fire; and tells of his incredible trip.
Dror Chanin was hit by a mortar shell at the Erez border crossing while offering aid to Israeli soldiers
The eighth day of rocket bombardment from Hamas resulted in the killing of an Israeli man who had gone to the Israel-Gaza border to bring food and good will to members of the Israel Defense Force. The man, identified as 37-year-old Dror Chanin, was at the...
The power of a mitzvah
With our brothers and sisters in Israel under rocket fire, every Jew is asking him or herself: What can I do to help?
Chabad helps a family mark a son’s milestone, even as they continue to mourn
Normally, a bar mitzvah celebration is filled with excitement, joy and festivity. But for the Mendelovich family of Misgav, Israel, going ahead with a planned bar mitzvah for their son Roee was just too painful following the recent loss of the boy’s broth...
Renewed calls for prayer and good deeds on behalf of all in the Holy Land
JERUSALEM—Four-year-old Daniel Tragerman, the victim of a terrorist mortar attack that struck Kibbutz Nahal Oz near the Gaza border on Friday, was laid to rest Sunday morning at Hevel Shalom cemetery near his home. Daniel’s mother, Gila, tearfully eulogiz...
A campaign proves effective in getting good words and deeds out to those who need them most
The emails came in from around the world and in a host of languages—English, Spanish, Russian and more. Some letters were written by seniors, others by children. A few of the letters had pictures attached, others not. Most of the writers committed to doin...
Australian Jews show their support for IDF soldiers in the battle against Hamas
In a show of support for the people of Israel—and, in particular, for the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces—hundreds of men, women and children participated in a prayer gathering at the Central Synagogue in Sydney, Australia. It was chaired by the syn...
As Shabbat approaches in Israel, calls for prayer, good deeds and support
Hamas terrorists resumed their attacks on Israel immediately following the expiration of a 72-hour ceasefire at 8 a.m. Friday, firing more than 40 rockets at Israel by mid-day. Three Israelis were wounded in the shelling, and one home in the south sustain...
‘I can finally say after 48 years of life on this planet: ‘Yes, I am a Jew!’
From the onset of Israel’s war against Hamas, there has been an extraordinary sense of unity among Jewish people around the world. Jewish people of all backgrounds have been asking themselves what they can do for their brothers and sisters in Israel. In m...
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