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First person accounts of life under terror

On Prayer, a Stubborn Ego, Ammunition and Peace
I confess: After 35 years of living as an observant woman, I am pretty mediocre and irregular at davening (prayer).
A Day in Jerusalem
During my break, I check the news. It’s become an obsession, to check the news. We are at war. What is going on? How many rockets and missiles were fired at Israel today?
Mikvah During War
I painstakingly began to prepare. Nobody was going to stop me from fulfilling this holy mission.
Their Faces
Young men, with names from Russia, Ethiopia, the Bedouin desert, killed in defense of their homeland, by invaders moving through earthen tunnels
Playparks and Sirens
You don’t understand why we go to the bomb shelter. You’re too young. Too pure.
Giving Birth During the War
I couldn’t help wondering: what if the siren goes off while we’re on the way to the hospital, or during the birth?
Watching Over Us
Our hearts scatter with the sound of that siren, our minds go blank, adrenaline pumps through our blood, pushing us to run. Run fast.
Royal Mothers
Creating Light Under Fire
Don’t underestimate how bright your light can be, how far it can shine.
1967 Flashback
Gaining and giving comfort as Israel is once again under threat
It was an ordinary weekday. The rabbi stood at the lectern. The anguish and fear in the sanctuary was palpable.
Humor Me Until It's Over
A kind word, a smile and a laugh are healing not only to each of our own individual souls; they’re the best salve for our collective one as well.
An American Family Under Fire
Our Sabbatical in Israel
A Texan in Israel
As Shabbat approaches, pray for the peace and safety of our brothers and sisters
Writing of empty tourist sites and eerie quiet in the midst of the bombing, a couple takes stock of the situation.
7 Things We Take For Granted That Completely Change Under Fire
Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we need to be within 60 seconds of safety.
Israel at War
I thought, I hoped that maybe it had stopped, but I hear the sound again.The constant roar that won’t let me forget what’s going on. The constant roar that reminds me, “We are at war.” Yes, Israel is at war.
Tunnels of Love
The deadly network originates from basements and private homes in Gaza and extends into Israel—a tool for mass terrorist attacks against Jews.
Full coverage of Israel's Operation Protective Edge.
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