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Operation Protective Edge (2014)

His Brother an IDF Soldier Killed in Gaza, a Moving Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem
Chabad helps a family mark a son’s milestone, even as they continue to mourn
Four-Year-Old Daniel Tragerman Laid to Rest; Gaza Barrage Continues
Renewed calls for prayer and good deeds on behalf of all in the Holy Land
Letters Pour In to Israeli Soldiers, Offering Support and Pledging a Mitzvah
A campaign proves effective in getting good words and deeds out to those who need them most
Sydney Prays for Israel and Sends Mitzvah Cards to the Kotel
Australia & New Zealand
Australian Jews show their support for IDF soldiers in the battle against Hamas
Israelis Take Shelter; IDF Returns Fire After Hamas Resumes Attacks
As Shabbat approaches in Israel, calls for prayer, good deeds and support
An Unexpected ‘Bar Mitzvah’ at Israel Rally in Baltimore
North America
‘I can finally say after 48 years of life on this planet: ‘Yes, I am a Jew!’
Canadian Contingent Distributes Care Packages and Cheer to Israelis
From prayerbooks to pizza, a Chabad group pitches in and gets more out of the experience than expected
Communities Draw Together for Tisha B'Av
Holiday Watch
Fasting, prayer and hope for Jerusalem and the Holy Temple amid Israel’s war in Gaza
‘Kids Can Make a Difference’: Doing Their Part for Israel
At summer camps and for mitzvah projects, the younger set has their Jewish brethren in mind
IDF Announces Passing of Kidnapped Soldier; Continues Operations
Chief rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces reaches conclusion; soldier's family informed
IDF Soldier Feared Kidnapped; Urgent Shabbat Prayers for the Wounded and Missing
Prayers for Hadar ben Chedva Leah; updated list of hospitalized troops released by Chabad Youth Organization of Israel
Q&A: Hot Schwarma and Warm Regards to Israeli Troops
A conversation with Rabbi Danny Cohen of Hebron
Rabbis Visit the Wounded and the Bereaved, Doing Their Best to Offer Comfort
Three soldiers killed; 27 wounded on Wednesday. With words of support—and in one case, a new set of tefillin—rabbis are working to help in any way they can
Widows and Orphans From Southern Israel Get Week’s Respite in Jerusalem
Courtesy of Colel Chabad, they're enjoying a week away from rocket fire near the Gaza border
California Rabbi Brings iPads and Company to Wounded Soldiers
The devices were met with joy by recipients, and will help those recovering stay in touch with family and friends
Chabad Campaign Sweeps Through Israel: ‘With G-d’s Help, We Will Prevail’
From a new Torah scroll to honor soldiers, and tefillin and Shabbat candles with a timely message, Chabad works to instill hope and faith throughout the country
Ten IDF Troops Killed on Monday; Calls for Prayers for the Hospitalized
Four die in mortar attack, five in tunnel infiltration; at least 128 wounded soldiers being treated at Israeli hospitals
Adults Follow in the Footsteps of Their Kids, Experiencing Israel Firsthand
A new opportunity called Mayanot Legacy made an enormous impression on one tour group—and their rabbi
Care Packages to Israeli Soldiers Bring Relief and Appreciation
Chabad centers in Israel and abroad get staples to the IDF, and encourage other good deeds
Despite Stresses of War, Pre-Shabbat Calm Settles Over Jerusalem
Chabad rabbis and volunteers spread the importance of mitzvot and a positive message
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