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Just how dangerous can the G‑d idea get?
If G‑d is not to be a dangerous idea, G‑d must be good. But that would seem to be a small G‑d, a defined G‑d, limited by the parameters of goodness. How can we believe in a G‑d that contains all of existence and yet believe that His goodness is real and a...
Why not let human beings determine their own purpose?
One day my Mac composed its own algorithm for generating ideals. Based on that algorithm, it determined that the only way to achieve its ultimate self was for every process to be treated equally.
A survey of the roots of this question, the scientific context, the classical Kabbalistic answers, and the explanation offered by the Chassidic masters
There is a desire that lies at the very core of all being. That desire chose you.
The Rabbi and the Suicidal Teen
What attitude will provide a sense of purpose in life? Knowing that G-d loves me or that G-d needs me?
An Inspirational Talk
Insights and inspiration on how to find deeper meaning in our everyday existence.
Torah Thoughts on the Meaning of Life
Is it possible to be living but not be alive? What it takes to get in touch with your essential self and activate the point within your soul that gives meaning to life.
I need to throw out more stuff. Tug of heartstrings. What if my children want to see my doodles from Grade Eight? More importantly, what if I want to see their doodles from age two? There are no easy answers...
Frankl’s theory, developed decades ago, still rings true in our times. How, then, according to his system, does man find this elusive “meaning”? How can we define what “meaning” is? This is where Frankl seems to get stuck...
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