What is the meaning?

The meaning is a story.
A story told before there was any time in which a story could occur:

Your soul,
a pure child of G‑d,
a fractal of the very essence of wisdom,
a breath of life from the innermost source of life,

will descend from its place,
lower and yet lower,
to clothe itself in a body,
blood and sinews driven by a beast within,
and it will tie its destiny to theirs…

…and this body,
along with whatever maddening beast drives that body,
and the entire world in which this soul will dwell
will do all they can to conceal and negate the light of that divine soul…

…and yet, despite every challenge,
this soul of yours will purify and elevate that body and its beast,
as well as the share of this world to which it has been assigned.

G‑d Himself will celebrate in great delight.


Because the One who transcends all bounds desires to be found in all His essence within our tightly bounded world.

And that will come through us, struggling here with the restrictions and challenges of our world.

And what is the reason He so desires?

There is no reason.
If there were a reason, you would ask, “What is the reason for the reason?”
But this is the desire where all begins.

It is a desire that transcends reason;
it is the place from which all reason is born.

And so it is unbounded and all-consuming.

For it is not a desire of a human being.
It is not a desire of one who has limited will—or of any being or entity at all.

It is a desire that lies at the very core of all being.
That core of being chose to desire,
and now there is nothing else.