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Articles by Tzvi Freeman

Assorted articles on spirituality by acclaimed author Tzvi Freeman.

Why Does a Good G‑d Make Bad Hurricanes?
Where's G-d's defense portfolio? What's His excuse this time?
Skydive From Heaven
What I learned from a guy who fell to earth from the edge of outer space at the speed of sound.
We’ve all heard of mind over body. But here’s a guy talking about it in terms of falling from the sky at the speed of sound—and comparing that to being a great parent.
How Nobody Became Somebody
In the beginning, G‑d created everything out of nothing. He could have decided to make everything out of something, but He knew that nothing is better material than something.
What's the Difference Between Buddhist Nothingness and Jewish Nothingness?
Somehow, the very earth we touch must become acutely aware of its absolute nothingness while remaining a complete something. And you and I are given the responsibility to accomplish that.
Why You Are Right and the World Is Wrong
. . . and why you need to know that
There’s something you brought to the world that the world didn’t give you. It’s the only thing that makes you real.
Why the World Needs Its Soul
Modernity is precarious. Our soul believes life has purpose and meaning, while our brains consider our bodies to be no more than walking water bottles of biochemical reactions.
Human Passion and the Envy of Angels
I envy the angels, among whom there is no envy. The angels envy me, in whom envy burns without respite.
Do the Jewish People Still Expect a Messiah?
The Jew aches with expectation, and blatantly demands that the world act according to the beauty it inherently contains.
Have the Jews Become Redundant?
Monotheistic faith and human reason remain pitted in battle. Both have claimed responsibility for the greatest casualties of history.
Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Question?
And when do you get to ask it?
Perhaps at the end of all things, at the core of all wisdom, at the very essence of all being lies not an answer, but a question.
Jews as Earth
The history of classical Jewish thought is one of the conservation of ideas.
Is G-d in the Consequences?
A friend says she doesn't believe G‑d "causes" the consequence, because, she says, "we have free will."
The Kabbalah of Man and Woman
Ancient wisdom, practical advice
Each man stands between two females: the corporeal woman below to whom he must provide sustenance and affection; and the Shechinah which stands over him to bless him with these so that he may turn around and provide them to the woman of his covenant
Help! I Don't Want to Turn Into My Father!
Sure, there are all those events that happened, the weather, geography, DNA. But we are the ones to string them together with meaning and direction. There is no story to life, until we tell it...
Prayer as Madness
Tell me that it is rational to talk to the Force of Being as though this were your closest confidant. Tell me that it is not absurd to plead with this force to adjust reality more to your liking...
Children of the Universe
It's easy to feel like orphans to this cold universe--to the elements, the forces and empty space that shrug indifferently at the drama of being human...
The Existential Exodus
You can hide it enough so it doesn't embarrass you in public. You can pretty it up so that others are not as annoyed with it. You can try to ignore its whelps and howls when it gets out of hand. But can you free yourself of your ego?
The Knowing I
Why do we become a bar mitzvah at adolescence? Because something dramatic happens to our minds at this time: A sort of awakening, a consciousness, a realization that "I exist"
The Angels and Us
These guys are heavily into the divine energy; you could call them spiritual junkies. Face it: the most successful soul here below cannot hope to dance as gracefully as the clumsiest malach...
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