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Marriage, Children, Shabbat, Freedom, Prayer... Each of these anthologies explore a particular topic with a cross-section of articles, essays, stories and images, culled from the thousands of documents in our library

Charity: an Anthology
How to give, how to receive, what it means, what it does, the cosmic significance, a dialog with the moon, and ramblings on stress and love...
Prayer: an Anthology
Jacob has an "encounter" on Mount Moriah; Pinchas conducts a "judgment" with G-d; Isaac and Rebecca "entreat" for a child; Jonah "cries out" from the belly of the fish... 27 stories, voices, essays and insights into prayer
Our Children, Our Selves
In twenty-four articles and stories, mothers and fathers tell of the love and the pain, the joy and the fears, the wisdom and the faith, the mystery and the mysticism of having children
Love: an Anthology
Thirty two articles and stories on love: filial love, romantic love, friendship, love of self, love of G-d -- so different from each other, yet somehow all the same
Education: an Anthology
The scratch in the seedling... The art of toddling... A Yeshivah in Egypt... The benefits of being stupid when you're old... and fourteen other stories, insights and essays on education
Light: an Anthology
The path of light, sunglasses of the soul, the Lamplighter, the discovery of darkness, the inexistence of the universe, the spiritual significance of the rainbow -- 26 stories, essays and meditations on light and luminescence
Food: An Anthology
Thirty essays and stories on the cosmology and geometry, wonder and whimsy, guilt and desire, politics and economics, history and future, the Talmud and the Kabbalah of food
Clothes: an Anthology
The three garments of the soul, the High Priest's eight vestments, a philosopher's skullcap, a soldier's boots, the Chassid's long black coat, Jacob's historic disguise...
Money: an Anthology
We think about it all the time, so here's more to think about: twenty articles and stories on the joys, sorrows, importance, insignificance, nature, function and essence of money -- from the Golden Calf to the credit card
Marriage: an Anthology
Whom to Marry... Why Do We Fall in Love... The Kabbalah of Marriage... Yes and No... The Mikvah... Waiting... Moses vs. Freud... Adam & Eve... The Loving Friends.. Ring, Round & Roof... and 20 other articles and stories on marriage
Joy: an Anthology
What is happiness? How does it work? Why is it it so important to our spiritual and physical well-being? Sixteen insights, stories, personal voices, meditations, readings and recordings on joy
The Holy Temple: an Anthology
What was the Holy Temple? Why was it destroyed? Do we have anything like it today? Do we really want to see it rebuilt and bring back those animal sacrifices? Seventeen essays, articles and stories on the holiest place on earth
The Torah: an Anthology
40 essays, stories, meditations and readings, each offering a glimpse into something the Torah says about itself and its place in our lives
Teshuvah: The Art of Return
Thirteen essays and stories that explore the what, why and how of of the most powerful force known to man--the power of self-transformation
A Home for G-d
The concept of dirah b'tachtonim ("a dwelling in the physical world") addresses the most basic questions of existence: What is our world? What is matter and physicality? What is holiness? What does G-d want of us? Why are we here?
Rebbe and Chassid
There is fierce love in it, and unquestioning loyalty. There is passion, devotion, admiration, appreciation, awe, mentorship, care, concern, sacrifice...
Moshiach: An Anthology
Where are we headed? What is the Jewish interpretation of history? Twenty-eight articles and dozens of source texts on the why, how, who, when and what of Moshiach and the future redemption.
54 Years, 54 Ideas
Love, leadership, childhood, marriage, aging, rebellion, sleep, money, anxiety, death, life, and 43 other things according to the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Life Vs. Terror: a 9/11 Anthology
Wanton hatred, wanton love... A soldier's boots... When heaven is evil... Life after terror... Nine, eleven and ten... The burning palace... Transcending fear... Should we hate them?
Jay Litvin Writes
You turn on the computer and this man appears, sits across the table from you for several hours, and shares something of his innermost self with you...
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