And every object shall know that You have made it; and every creature shall understand that You have created it; and every thing that has the breath of life in its nostrils shall proclaim: G‑d, the G‑d of Israel, is king, and His sovereignty rules over all...

Rosh Hashanah prayers

The Hebrew language has no word for "things," for "objects" or for "stuff." Even the words "physical" and "matter" are borrowed terms. In Hebrew, all things are dvarim — "words." Words: articulations of the soul, crystallized thoughts. And ever since then, all that exists is G‑d and his words.

After all, G‑d spoke and the world came into being. The magic of it is that these words are so tightly packed, we do not realize they are words — we perceive them as things; independent, autonomous things that are just here because they are here, as though they have no source at all.

This is the mission we came to this world to accomplish: That not only we, not only humankind, but every effect should know it's cause, every form should understand that which formed it — the entire world should become a transparent glove for the G‑dliness it contains. Even this very sense of "here I am just because I am" will be seen as nothing more than a distorted reflection of the true essence of all things-the only one who is "just there because He is there."

In fact, this is what Adam achieved on his very first day:

An ancient Midrash tells us that when Adam awoke to life, he found all the other creatures standing over him, worshipping him. Being the very first creatures, they realized that someone must have formed them — and Adam seemed the obvious candidate.

Adam realized otherwise, so he communicated with them and brought all the creation to the awareness that there must be a Higher Being, not just another creature, but an Unlimited Creator, that brought all creatures into being and continues to sustain and enliven each one of them — himself included.

Since then, that has been the mission of every descendant of Adam: To bring all creation to this higher state of consciousness.