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Rashi Studies (Advanced)

Rule: When a righteous man is mentioned, he should be praised. But why does Rashi wait till the second time that Noach is mentioned to tell us this rule? Answer: The first time Noach is mentioned, he is only a postscript.
Why did G‑d include only one light source in His instructions to Noah when the Ark was a huge, 450-ft. long, three-story vessel? And if the light source was a window, how would that help through all the days of darkness?
Rashi tells us that as a result of Noah's prayers, G‑d's attribute of justice – represented by the Divine Name Elokim – became merciful. This leads us to reconsider a verse that Rashi previously passed over without comment.
After forty days of rain and then months of flooding, where would the dove be able to find a tree, let alone a leaf? An analysis that leads to greater appreciation of the hardy olive tree.
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