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Lunar Flood, Solar Year
How a year plus eleven days makes a year
On the mystical significance of the rainbow
A water-droplet catches a ray of light, unleashing the spectrum of colors it contains and displaying them in an arc across the sky. But for the first 1,656 years of history, this natural occurrence did not occur
Braving a New World - Part I
Noah, the Flood, and Transformation
One can well understand then that Noah was worried about bringing new life into the world. Why give birth, toil and work the program that living entails if all that is built could at a point in the future also be destroyed!?
Hollow Tower
The Tower of Babel marked the end of humanity as a single community, and gave rise to four millennia of xenophobia and bloodletting. What terrible mistake motivated these seemingly well-intentioned builders?
Shabbat Parshat Noach, 6 Mar-Chesvan 5743
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