Our sages tell us that it took seven years for the Jews to conquer the Land of Israel under Joshua's leadership, and another seven years to divide it. Almost all of G‑d's commandments that have to do with the crops of Israel and they did not have to be fulfilled until these fourteen years had passed.

During the 14 years in which the land was being conquered and divided, didn't some of the people get their portion, settle it and grow crops? Yes, they did. The Torah did not require us to bring first fruits to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, Bikurim, until the land was completely conquered and everyone got their portion."

But why? you may ask. Shouldn't a Jew take the first opportunity he has to do a good deed? Shouldn't those people who had already received their portion of land and grown their crops express their thanks to G‑d and bring the first fruit?

Our sages are teaching us a lesson in love for one's fellow. Until every individual had received a home in the land of Israel, no one should have felt satisfied enough to give thanks to G‑d. The first fruit would have to be brought with happiness. One's happiness cannot be complete until all of have what they need.