Moses continues his talk to the Jewish people, he reminds them that when they enter the Holy Land they will have to bring bikkurim, the first produce of their fields and orchards, to the Holy Temple, and there they should thank G‑d for all the good He does and has done for them.

This week’s Torah portion mentions the mitzvot of the tithes which must be given to the Levites as well as to poor people. Moses reminds the Jewish people that they are G‑d’s chosen people and that they too chose Him as their G‑d.

The portion continues with a list of blessings which G‑d will reward the people with when they follow the Torah’s laws, and then the “tochachah,” which means “rebuke,” which includes a list of not good things that will happen if they abandon the Torah and G‑d’s commandments.

This week’s Torah portion ends with another reminder to follow G‑d’s commandments.