Guest Columnists

Rain’s Spiritual Significance Revealed
Rainfall is not a random occurrence. It’s a blessing that comes directly from G-d.
Be Like a Bee!
Like the bee who buzzes around and collects nectar, we, too, are tasked with moseying about and collecting sweet things.
What Makes You Happy and Why?
Joy is considered a must for true mitzvah observance, and we are encouraged to find ways to stay happy.
Can You Bribe G‑d?
What does the question even mean? How would one “bribe” the Creator anyway?
Keep Your ‘Why’ Nearby
What is your “why,” how will you keep it nearby, and how will you honor the shared cultures of your life?
The Dwarf and the Giant
Just as in ancient times, the modern giant has continued to threaten the dwarf for over sixty years. Yet time and again, the dwarf emerges victorious . . .
When Love Grows From Fear
Many spirited debates have been held on the necessity of fearing the Almighty. Many feel that only love is needed, and associate fear as a negative emotion in relation to G-d.
Half an Hour a Day
In the first paragraph of Shema we are told first the mitzvah of education and then the mitzvah of tefillin. The order is reversed in the second paragraph. What is the significance behind this change in wording?
Born on Top of the Mountain
It is easy to feel that we own our achievements. Charity? It's my money! Gratitude? For what? This is all my work!
The Miracle Within
The subtle differences between the first and second paragraphs of the Shema offer the key to our spiritual survival in a world without miracles.
If G‑d wants us to "perform the true service simply because it is true," why does He distract us with promises of recompense? Is it a proper to give someone an incentive if it's essentially not in his or her best interest?
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