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Parshah Musings


Manna, Food of Starvation
It’s understandable that if you had to rely on a daily miracle to eat, you’d always feel hungry.
Save the Orphans
How could the rabbi claim to be supporting orphans with this money?
Finding Your Fortune
Isn't it strange how just because someone is wealthy there is a widespread perception that they are automatically imbued with all other attributes as well?
Of Eating Meat and Honesty in Business
I had two arguments this week, one with a vegetarian and the second with a businessman. The crazy part was that my position was the same each time and I even quoted the same verse of Torah to prove it.
The Difference Between Praying and Eating
The primary focus of our interactions with others should be to ensure that they have food to eat and to welcome them to our tables.
When we’re hungry we generally have no difficulty remembering G‑d; when we need things from Him, we always remember to ask.